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An oil portrait of the byerley turk


Encampment Scene

The Byerley Turk was allegedly captured from the Turks at the Battle of Buda. Here he is seen standing in his summer coat with his owner, Colonel Robert Byerley, at the encampment near Dundalk prior to the trip south to the Boyne.
Overlooking the Boyne

Colonel Byerley,in the service of King William leads his regiment, the 6th Dragoons, on the flank march to a crossing point on the river Boyne, at Rosnaree, near Slane in July 1690. The Dutch Cavalry is in the middleground. The Jacobite forces are across the river.
An oil painting of the byerley turk overlooking the boyne river

Over the Boyne

an oil painting of the byerley tukk at the battle of the boyne, equine art by irish artist, ester barrett

Byerley Charge

Charging into Battle

Charging the Jacobite forces, the King's Lifeguards are descending the bank on the left and the Oxford Blues are on the right.
The Battle of Aughrim

This was the last and bloodiest battle of the campaign in 1691. Byerley's regiment overpowers the Irish Dragoons at late evening.
An oil painting of the battle of aughrim

The Battle of Aughrim

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