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The Barrett Sisters are from Co. Limerick & have all been full time artists since their teens.
Self-taught & home-educated, their work manifests an individuality that might not otherwise have been the case.

Primarily a painter of landscape, Ailbhe has mastered the art of printmaking over the last decade or so, culminating in Infusions, her first solo show at Graphic Studio Gallery. Ailbhe's works are mainly irish landscape based; themes recurring in her work are the stillness of old settlements in our history, & the architecture of both the buildings & the often sculptural, rocky landscape, as in her series on the Bills off Achill Island. The series of paintings she is currently working on describe the dormant season in the landscape, highlighted in the past two severe winters this country has experienced.

Ester is known for her equine paintings, which convey her knowledge of & love of the thoroughbred, & which are strikingly Irish in character & feel. Having always had an interest in sculpting, she attended a bronze casting workshop in Leitrim sculpture centre in November 2010, continuing with mould making, metal work, etc. She casts her work in Co Mayo. Her work is both representational and impressionistic in painting and sculpture and also includes figurative pieces. She has exhibited extensively in group shows in Ireland and abroad and has won 2 international awards.

Louise is a portrait painter and figurative artist whose work is probably best described as expressionist with form and colour in motion portraying various subject matter; night scenes of harbours, inspiration from dreams to recurring themes of the horse, including Zechariah's horses and The Horsemen of the book of Revalation.

Some of her latest works are a series inspired by the dreamworld and are charged with symbolism of a religious nature. Her strong connection with animals and the outdoors is apparent in much of her paintings and the horse features regularly in her work, also visits to early Christian chuches in Cappadocia, Turkey and the Catacombs in Rome also have an influence in her recent works. She has exhibited widely in internationally and Ireland including the RHA annual exhibition and was an invited artist in 2017.

A member of the Limerick Figure Drawing Society, life drawing is an important part of her work and has a marked influence in recent figurative works and commissioned portraits.     Return to Homepage